About Me

My name is Eddie Barron, I am from Dublin, Ireland and I am a home cook that just finished university and does not really know what to do with myself anymore. So I set this up. Look here is me…



Since I was about 13 I could cook a dinner for my family. I don’t know what started my love of food or what has kept it going since but what I do know is that my passion for food does not seem to be dwindling. Food, to me, is one of only 2 universal languages. The other is sport but that’s not for this blog. You can sit down with someone and share food. We all need food. We all want food.

So I have just finished University. Even though I lived at home for the duration of my third level education I cooked pretty much all of my family’s dinners every day. I have noticed a niche in the market for the a blog that can teach and show someone how to make a cheap, easy and NUTRITIOUS meal. The last bit being very important. Putting peas into a Ramen noodle is not nutrition. I don’t care who says it.

I want to create and share recipes I have created that anyone can make, enjoy and live by. If they happen to be cheap too then that’s just a bonus.

Stay Classy,